This conference is VIRTUAL, so wherever you live, you can join us and hear the truth about alcohol

Who is this conference for?

This is for everyone who wants to understand more about alcohol, and the impact it has on the individual, the family and society. Over the two day conference we’ll hear about the latest breakthroughs in research and treatment of alcohol dependence. Our world class speakers will share best practice in recovery, and talk about how families can be central to this.

We’ll explore the ways in which stigma negatively affects recovery, and highlight why we need change the way we think about addictive behaviour and address both the physical and mental issues of sufferers from the start.

 The safeguarding of vulnerable dependent drinkers will be discussed, and the need for early intervention to interrupt the cycle of drinking, debunking the myth that sufferers need to reach rock bottom before they will respond to treatment.

You’ll hear first hand accounts about how alcohol addiction affects individuals and families, told by those with lived experience. We’ll hear from celebrity speakers, who will share their own experiences of alcohol dependence and answer questions from delegates.

We will learn exactly what happens during withdrawal, and the best ways to support someone through this process. You will hear about family centred recovery and why alcohol addiction is called a family disease.

We’ll highlight different approaches to recovery, and look at what works.

We will be putting a spotlight on the way services are delivered locally and asking what needs to change?

We will be showing businesses how they can support their workforce better, and why developing compassionate alcohol policies will increased productivity.

Attend our conference if you

Have a loved one suffering with alcohol dependence or if you have lived experience of alcohol  dependence.

Work in the healthcare, housing and homelessness or social care sector, are an NHS health professional  or are working in the research field.

Run a Business, or work for an organisation, and want to learn how to better support your workers.