My name is Beth Abbott and I run a community interest company that works with people who are in Recovery from Addiction.

I myself had an Alcohol addiction for over 15 years and now am in recovery trying to raise awareness.

I was Broken Truly at rock bottom and I lost everything in the process.

I now would like to be a part of the change process and the prevention of people feeling the way I once did.

We train up people who have been in active addiction or been through some kind of life trauma to come out in to schools to run workshops.

Therefor we are creating volunteer roles which are helping people in recovery to have a positive job role put onto their CV, as well as turning negative life experiences they have had into positive ones. They do this by helping to prevent young people from taking the same path.

This helps with feelings of self-worth and helps people in recovery to go on to take on more positive roles in the future and helping in the process of relapse prevention.

We run these workshops via poetry and other creative outlets as well as creating short insightful videos making people aware of addiction.

Our Anthology of creative work was done during Covid which we have named OUR Little Book of Hope.

This is available on Amazon however as we have grown we would like to work with as many people as possible to create another Anthology with your Help.

This could be a collection of Poems, Pictures, Short Stories, Photography.

We are going to be putting this book into rehabilitation centres Doctor’s surgeries and giving them out to homeless people. This has given people a chance to be part of change while getting their work published spreading some hope and positivity.

Should People purchase the book any funds raised will go back through the company to run future projects.

Would you like to be part of the change process?

You can do this by purchasing the book or contacting me via and seeing how you could get involved in future projects.

My registration number is 13049403.

My website is

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